As a market access consultancy, we offer support for digital offerings and market entry in Austria

Our relationship with you can be that of a service provider, that of an enabler or that of a partner, all the way to the formation of a joint venture or the establishment of a joint company on the Austrian market.

We develop the appropriate market assessment for you, collect the relevant market opinion through a competitor analysis, conduct an assessment of the product, service or technology to be marketed and stringently present the various options for market entry. After joint evaluations, we finally develop the various go-to-market strategies and ensure the implementation of your product or service on the Austrian market.

Market Assessment

Our expertise lies in our knowledge of the market, our contacts, our reputation and our past successes.

We are interested in your products or services that you have created for the needs of publishers, advertisers or agencies. We have already provided these services successfully several times - actually even before we presented this as a specific offer to the market - so happened in the area of media and advertising, in the area of paywalls or also in the area of SaaS and technologies.

We conduct the right talks and place you on the market. We develop the market analysis and your entry strategy for you. Then we implement your product or service in our existing processes or set them up for you from scratch.

We are experts in the market and professionals in sales and find the right solutions for you.

Successfully realized projects

How we work

  • Market Description
  • Size, Trends and Forecast
  • Segmentation
  • Drivers and Barriers
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Competitive environment
  • Key players
  • Company profiles
  • Market shares
  • Differentiation
  • Competitive edge
  • Opinion (point of view)
  • Motivators
  • Costs
  • Needs
  • Buying behavior
  • Competences
  • Technology
  • Matching
  • Gaps-Fit
  • Target definition
  • Market development models
  • Financing
  • What, where, how
  • Contact list
  • Action plan
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Organization
  • (Infra)Structure
  • Personnel
  • Performance
  • Roadmap

Who we are

Bernd Platzer

Media, publishing, strategy, marketing and digital marketing

Maximilian Mondel

PR, media, editorial and business events

Konrad Mayr-Pernek

Marketing, communication, analysis, media and strategy

Nina Moog

Programmatic, ad tech, networks and tech